Why I Do A Choose Yourself Meetup

I need your help. And I don’t think I can do this without you.

I see that people are starting to organize “Choose Yourself Meetups”. This is an amazing idea. It’s what makes scenes that change the world.

Invite the people you resonate most with. Invite people you think want to improve in the four areas I always write about. Do it once a week. Or once a month.

Find a place. Or skype so you can see everyone. Everyone should tell what they are doing to improve 1% a day physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

When you explain the way YOU do it, others will benefit. Just try it once. See what happens.

For me, it means when I am at my lowest points, I learn how to get help. And when I am at my highest points, I can reach even higher in ways I didn’t even realize.

I am not saying this as advice. There are no pedestals. I am saying this because I know this is how I survive.

It’s the only way to feed my hunger for happiness, for abundance, for creativity, for companionship, for adventure, for life.

Some people may be doing their “1% improvement” in ways you never considered. Others may be looking for new connections. Everyone has a “friend of a friend” who can help.

This also is amazing. You get the benefit of their experience to make doing the daily practice easier for you.

The strength of your network is not how many people you know. That is an amateur’s network.

The real strength of your network is how many people within your network are helping each other, even if you are not involved (particularly if you are not involved).

The Choose Yourself meetup is how you do it.

Not a single day goes by where I don’t talk to the people in my group. The people in my “scene”. Every day I have issues with something. And every day I have new discoveries to share.

And I can’t feed myself. I need the people I love to feed me.

Then I am full for the day. Then I have energy. Then I can choose myself.

That’s the way you become the beacon that brings all ships to shore on this perpetually foggy night.

For some reason, I’ve turned myself inside out and all my guts have spilled onto my blog. One day I’ll run out of stuff but not yet. http://bit.ly/2blmiaG

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