What is the most unforgettable sentence that someone said to you?

I don’t let people on my podcast if I suspect they have cheated on their spouse.

I don’t deal with people who reschedule meetings with me more than once.

I don’t talk to people who try to gossip.

“The way you do anything, is the way you do everything”.

This approach saved my life. I was hanging from the cliff. Ready to let go. I pulled myself up. I became that type of person.

— -

  • if you cheat on your spouse, you can cheat on everything.
  • if you don’t prepare for an important event, you’ll continue to be unprepared for the moments critical for success.
  • if you make an excuse about why you didn’t do something, then you will be “that person who always makes excuses for everything”.
  • if you don’t show up for your friends or family, you will be very hard to rely on for anything.
  • if you don’t help people who are down on their luck, you will be known as the type of person who doesn’t help people and nobody will help you on the way down (and YES, you will have a “way down” at some point).
  • if you gossip about your friends, you can gossip about anyone (including the person you were originally gossiping to).
  • if you are scared to ask for what you need from a colleague or friend, then you will find your boundaries constantly being breached by everyone you know.
  • if you are cheap to a waiter, then you will feel the whole world has scarce resources and you will never have that feeling of abundance necessary to succeed.
  • if you are rude to a waiter, then you are rude.
  • if you envy your friend, you’ll find yourself living a life of envy.
  • if you constantly think the world is on the verge of doom and gloom, then doom and gloom will infest every aspect of your life.
  • if you put off writing your book until tomorrow, you will never write your book.
  • if you think, “I can’t do it” about something you are afraid of but is possible, then you will never do anything.

[148,000,000 people apparently “can’t do it”]

This seems harsh. It seems unfair. It seems I exaggerated.

But I didn’t. This is me. I was the person who could do nothing. Who failed at everything. Who was ready to fail for life.

Until someone told me that advice.

Until I started reminding myself of it every day. Every. Single. Day. I don’t even remember who told it to me.

It’s my quote now.

The way you do anything, is the way you do everything.

For some reason, I’ve turned myself inside out and all my guts have spilled onto my blog. One day I’ll run out of stuff but not yet. http://bit.ly/2blmiaG

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