Claudia discovered the secret of the ONE THING. Not me. I hope she’s not angry I’m writing about it instead of her.

When you discover something, it’s normal to want to be the first to write about it. I don’t blame her.

But, like with anything: there are many ways to… I don’t know, “skin a cat”? Is that the expression? Why are so many people skinning cats?

Maybe it should be: there are many ways to slice a pie. I had a piece of pie yesterday. Peach pie. I guess I’m having trouble with this paleo thing.

Claudia raises her hand.

She went to one conference and sat on her hands and noticed not a single woman raised their hands but plenty of men did.

Here’s what happened. Most of the men asked stupid questions. But some of the men asked good questions.

The reason women don’t raise their hand (Claudia’s theory) is that they are more afraid than men that they will ask dumb questions.

The next conference she went to, as soon as it was time for the audience to ask questions, she raised her hand.

“When I raised my hand, I didn’t even know what I would say. I just raised it and figured I would come up with a question.”

She raised her hand so much people started laughing and she would always be called on and she asked good questions. She stood out.

I have a hard time raising my hand. I’m afraid to talk at dinners. I have to push myself to speak loud enough to be heard.

So this story applies to me also. And I’m sure many men.

She told this story at a recent event I spoke at. I spoke right after her. It’s hard to follow her in a talk.

Guess what? Every woman raised her hand with questions. They raised them super fast. Great questions. I loved them.
I find that more women than men believe in things like the “Law of Attraction”.

Actually, I know this to be true. When we went to a conference that featured “Law of Attraction” authors, it was almost all women in the audience.

We went to that conference because the conference organizers were publishing a book we were writing.

With the Law of Attraction, you don’t have to raise your hand. You just have to think of things.

What a burden to raise your hand and ask when you can just think! The Law of Attraction is just chains to keep people’s hands by their side.

You can only make a difference in your life when you stand out. When you aren’t afraid to go beyond the fringe.

This is the place where both fools and geniuses live. I never know which one I will be every time I go there. But I hope I never forget the maze of pathways to get there.

All day long, all of us try to tell our inner story. We wear masks, we do dances, we hope that the story we tell matches the story of who we really are.

  • It’s scary to have all eyes look at you.
  • It’s scary to not know what’s going to happen next. To maybe become the fool.
  • It’s scary to tell the story of who you really are and let people see it.

Raise your hand, hold it out until it’s grasped from above and you are pulled up.

Carried over the drowning sea of heads, too afraid to tell their stories, too scared to breathe, until eventually they just sink to the bottom of their history, their stories left untold forever.

The author also wrote about 9 ways to fight fear. Read more from the author… James Altucher, an entrepreneur, investor and best-selling author of “Choose Yourself” and “Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth”. He openly discusses the financial and emotional impact of making (and losing) money in his personal blog at

For some reason, I’ve turned myself inside out and all my guts have spilled onto my blog. One day I’ll run out of stuff but not yet.

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