I Talk To THE #1 Health Guru In America!

Dr. Oz. He sounds like a superhero, right?

In some ways, I feel like he is actually a superhero.

I love his philosophy of connecting the patient directly with the resources to help themselves.

He’s removing the gatekeeper.

And he’s bringing us back to our roots.

I think over the past hundred years there’s been a separation between food being something we eat as opposed to food as fuel.

Food as medicine and as the way our body lives, thinks, grows and fights for our health.

I just turned 50. And I feel like I’m in the best health of my life.

And this is because I changed my nutrition and the foods I eat.

I felt lucky because when I was reading Dr. Oz’s newest book, “Food Can Fix It: The Superfood Switch to Fight Fat, Defy Aging and Eat Your Way Healthy”, I kept seeing all the same practices I do in my own life.

Some things I don’t do. But I do most of it.

I switched my diet to a lot of the things he recommends.

So I was so excited to have him on the podcast.

This information is so valuable. And I think society has forgotten these simple steps and routines to give your body the nutrition and fuel it needs.

“Over the last decade there’s been a gargantuan advance in the ability of science to tell you why your mom was right. To underline and emphasize why certain foods make a big difference to pain, depression, mental cognition, your heart, cancer risk and all these other things including your weight that historically we thought were true, but didn’t know why,” Dr. Oz said.

Science is proving food is medicine.

Dr. Oz and I discuss better brain function, energy, sugar and daily routines.

And once you start to adopt these practices, you’ll definitely notice a difference.

But like I always say to change a habit, you need to give it 21 days.

“You begin to appreciate the majesty of the body, how spectacularly it functions when it’s given the right kinds of nutrients then you begin to appreciate the power of food to fix it.”

So let’s start fixing.

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