How to Make $40K a Month Writing From Your Couch

I was looking on Amazon. Because I had just self-published a new book. I was proud.

So I “refreshed” the ratings every hour.

I kept seeing the same name hit #1 for days, then weeks, then months. Now it’s been years! He still hits #1.

So I had him on my podcast in 2014. It was episode 23 “How To Go From $0-$40,000 a Month Writing From Home”.

And the episode exploded.

This guy has written 70+ books under two names “Steve Scott” and “S.J. Scott.”

Each book brings in at least a dollar every month.

“It’s the 80/20 rule,” he said. “Where 80% of your profit comes from 20% of your product.”

He’s created a lifelong, evergreen, income machine.

I had him back on my podcast. “How much did you make last month?” I said?


“Last month?”

“Last month.”

Then I jumped in with questions.

  • HOW does some actually get to the top of Amazon’s best seller list?
  • HOW can someone listening, right now, get their first idea for a successful book?
  • HOW do you write? (This one seems basic, but it’s not. What are the writing habits? How do you create discipline? Do you outline? Or not outline?)

We go through all of the mechanics. It’s probably the most action packed interview I’ve ever done.

Because it’s not just the philosophy of writing a good book or finding your soul.

It’s action. It’s etc. It’s how to generate income.

Scott makes 30, 40, 50 thousand dollars A MONTH!

I brought him back again to give us more help and more inspiration. Because if you didn’t act last time he came on the podcast, that’s okay. You can act now.

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